Q:   Do you sell agro chemicals in Africa ?
A:   Yes , we do. We have a list with more than 30 products. You can see this list in our web site. Selling Agro products has different roles in every country, Africa is big and every country has its individual roles. Therefore , if you are interest with our products – pls send us an email to info@agriance.com with your specific question and we will be happy assisting you.


Q:   I saw in your internet site that you sell Fe chelate ; is it EDTA or ADDHA ? what is the best way of using it?
A:   We do have Fe chelates in both ways FeEDTA or  FeADDHA. The FeADDHA contains 6% Fe with the best chelate for Iron absorption, the FeEDTA contains 12.8% Iron with basic chelate.

The best way of using it is , first following the label instructions and separating the total dosage to 3-4 applications every one week. Using the irrigation system will be the right application.

After 4-6 days the results will appear while the leaves become greener.