Efal (Agriance) Agronomist specialist – Itzik Posalski (
Project purpose: growing Tomato and Cucumber in a high technology Greenhouse for winter production for the local market to check the possibility for export.
The idea behind this project was – growing and marketing high quality of Tomato in the winter for local consumption when, in general at the winter Albania import these products from warmer countries. For better utilization cucumber were grown during the hot season in order to bring better profitability from this investment.

Project description: The projects were financed by local growers regarding the greenhouses. All the professional support was financed by the U.S government by an American company named I.F.D.C. All the professional aspects were given by Itzik Posalski, “Efal” (Agriance) vegetable specialist. The equipment’s brought from Israel: greenhouses, heaters, and all other equipment’s.

There were 4 different locations:

  1. 1 hectare – tomato & cucumber. Israeli greenhouses.
  2. 0.3 hectare – mainly tomato. Two growers.
  3. 0.5 hectare – mainly tomato.
  4. 0.3 hectare – tomato and cucumber.

All the tomatoes were planted at the beginning of August for winter crop production and the cucumbers transplanted at the spring for hot season production. Sometimes the autumn crop was cucumbers which is a fast crop.
The Agronomist adviser started just after greenhouses were build, then every month he visited the crops and gave his advises

5.  All the facilities brought from Israel – greenhouses, irrigation systems and others.
Combining the Israeli know-how with the Israeli facilities made it happen.

The planting time was at the second week of August and the harvesting started at early November. The crops were planted on local soils, sometimes light soils and sometimes heavy soils. The fertigation systems based on a main irrigation head including pump for adding the fertilizers. The pest control planed carefully while using the right pesticides on time. All the fruits were sorted before marketing in order to reach high quality product..

Our Agronomist planning and support improved the ability to achieve a better product.