About Agriance

Agriance is the farmer’s most reliable partner and source for high performance agricultural consultations and products supplier, directed for high yield and quality with environment crops adaptation.

Our advanced knowledge supported by more than ten Agronomists offers technical Agriculture services.







We offer two main Agriculture channels:

  1. Turnkey Agriculture projects, including feasibility advice, marketing possibilities, growing planning including growing protocols, professional guidance and all necessary facilities.
  2. Supplying range of plant crop protection products, vegetable seeds and fertilizers products. We offer high quality hybrid and non-hybrid vegetable seeds in accordance with the grower needs. These varieties are bred by selected unique breeders allowing farmers to reach better yields and, wider resistances while improving the farmer’s cash flow and profitability.
    Our chelates, PGR’s, organic fertilizers and crop protection products can be registered in many countries with very high efficiency for diverse crops.

Agriance promotes long term dynamic alliances with farmer’s suppliers, distributors and dealers. Placing the farmer at a pivot key position of this structure, whose benefit holds and forges this alliance further.
Our know-how of technical advice as well as excellent seed varieties source maximizes growing potentials with environment safety needs.

Company Profile

Agriance specializes in marketing of advanced agricultural knowledge and products for more than 35 years with more than 10 Agronomists. Its high quality vegetable seeds, crop protection and fertilizers products allow the team of Agriance support growers optimizes their crops expenses and upgrading yield potentials all over the world.

The integration of Agriculture needs with ideal vegetable seeds and Agrochemicals knowledge makes our team at Agriance unique.
We cooperate with local agriculture partners; learn their needs and supporting to maximize crop potentials.

Agriance’s special mission is thus, providing its customers and business partners with high performance specialty agriculture products. It is also Agriance’s objective to provide these partners with advanced information on new application and cultivation technologies and with support services in the areas of agro-chemicals registration, licensing and consulting. In addition, Agriance has specialized in initiating, designing, erecting, and running turn key projects, and it welcomes any business initiative in these areas.

In the process of expanding its business, Agriance is now on the lookout for new markets and local distributors.